• Understanding your business is our Core

We offer an integrated logistics service, mixing innovation with our 14 years of experience. We are committed to acquire deep knowledge of our costumers’ process in order to offer the best solutions in the market.


Inhouse, external or personnel.

Maquila Assembly

Assembly, sub-assembly and sequencing

Material Management

With our own developed systems


Wooden pallets and crates.



To ensure our customer’s competitiveness through logistics and
material handling executed by highly qualified local staff.


To have happy contributors working with us. +

To be a sustainable and profitable business for the next five years. +

To keep innovating through technology, design and service. +

  • 2002

    VMI Consumer Electronics

  • 2003

    Operations started

  • 2004

    Pallet manufacturing

  • 2006

    Distribution Center

  • 2010

    Automotive logistic services expansion

  • 2012

    Open Warehouse

  • 2016

    Assembly of Aerospace industry parts.


In-house Warehouse

Problems with inventory control? We handle it. Our years of experience in material handling and inventory management ensure our ability to help your productivity increase with technology and efficient processes.

Warehousing Service

By developing an innovative warehousing model and dedicated- well trained leaders, our company Open Warehouse offers storage, packaging and transportation solutions, IMMEX services and specialized systems for material handling. We aim to add value to your business through our array of services and our web solutions for the management of your materials or products, providing your company with tracking and real time inventory reports.

In-house developed, e-warehouse is an online system that allows clients and providers to monitorate the status of their material. It is also possible to generate reports and graphics of movement history.

Warehouse Personnel

We understand each and every company has its own needs, with Soluciones de Logistica’s experience, we train personnel specialized in your operation.



We study your processes and needs in order to understand critical points and design the process according to given specifications.

Sub assembled products are validated by visual inspection and measuring equipment if needed. Trained staff will held these check ups to validate Soluciones de Logistica is meeting your requirements with zero defects per unit.

Each and every manufacturing process is 100% audited by qualified staff based on ISO | TS 16949:2009


We suit our programs to your operation, being capable of increasing your productivity and ensuring our customer’s competitiveness.

Sequenced products are validated by barcode verifiers which are also compatible to our K.P.I. system for monitoring and control of final product, generating status report in each sequence.

As our partner, you will be able to consult directly the exact location and status of your finished goods.


Order Delivery (Truck)

For years, we have offered warehousiing and material handling solutions. We have within our scope of service transportation by truck and small platform, delivering local and effectively at a competitive cost.

Order and Supply Management

Planning and control of the complete flow of materials and information. From identification to distribution passing through cataloging, packaging, storing and inventory control, all depending on the needs of our customers.
In order to achieve it, we have developed our own online systems since 2002, currently  folowing aplications running on version 5.

Distribution Center

With warehousing, transportation and order-supply management as part of our services, we can work as your distribution center and handling your goods to your clients.


Packaging and Repackaging

We start with your unique specifications and offer a variety of options: including size, product fragility levels, load bearing surfaces, proper cushioning curves, to ensure that your products are efficiently and properly packaged.

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